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Archive Blog : 1st half of 2020 & beginning of the blog


Starting out with something to clear up in the PDA OS section :

And, with this, here's the site changelog:


First, let me start this part by sending my condolences to the GZOSP team: RIP Martin Coulon (martinusbe), you'll be missed, & thanks for GZOSP.

Now that I'm done sending the condolences, here are the changelog for the site :


The 3T has arrived, & flashed with its latest TWRP & Havoc. With this, here's the site changelog:

As a short addition, here's my thoughts of Oxygen OS (Pie):


With air & dust in my wallet & hypocritical hatred of Windows in my heart, I hereby announce that OnePlus 3T support is arriving... soon. No ETAs.

Meanwhile, Bliss replaces Corvus as the "Limbo ROM to avoid", & the LG V30 review finally had something that hopefully looks like an incomplete conclusion.


Starting with some news:

Then, some changelog for the site:


First of all, I'm going to announce that I'm no longer going to update my GNU/Linux distro list, generally because I need a PC I can rely on. Don't get me wrong, I would like to use GNU/Linux and/or BSD (haven't even started testing them). However, I couldn't get WINE to work at all & touch support is all over the place (Examples of stuff that supports touch input the best is Chromium-based browsers & GNOME DE (and, by extension, Budgie). On the apps side, for example, PPSSPP (Qt) struggles to identify more than 1 touch input). So, yeah. I'm stuck at Windows for now, even if I wanted to hate it just as much as I tried to love GNU/Linux. I'll also admit that I grew up with Windows.

On that note however, there is some good news: work is being done to make a privacy-friendly Windows 10 build. The details are available at the PC OS list.


Changelog for the site:


Added MoKee & Nusantara Project to the PDA OS list, & updated some parts for F1 review.


A tiny update for CSS which can be seen firsthand in the PDA-OS section. Speaking of the PDA OS section, a downgrade for Corvus thanks to their "server side issues".


A minor update to state that Lineage-microG is back & brings A10 support in the process. Support for Poco F1 (theirs, not mine) is currently off though.


Posting the blog log like a changelog here:


First off, I'm announcing that I'm cutting off my support for the Zenfone 6, with reasons listed below:

General logs:


In memory of going down, the YouTube links will use instance.

Updated the PrivMod-base to reflect on Private DNS usage.


As we trudge on the last days of July 2020, I'll be doing some short updates.

Changelog for PDA-OS:

And, some PSA messages regarding the pandemic:


In celebration of having somehow reached 10,000 viewers (thanks!), I'll be making something that (hopefully) looks like an actual blog post.

Pixel XL & Android 10

To start off with the "blogpost", I've tried out Android 10 builds on the Pixel XL, using these 3 ROMs: LineageOS (just to update the firmware); Dirty Unicorns, & BlissROMs. This is done primarily because I just wanted to check them out. Well, the results are disappointing. Here's my full report:

In my attempt to return the Pixel to Pie, I've chosen to flash /e/ out of curiosity, see what changed. Well, nothing changed, save for these : DNS settings for Pie actually works (not Private DNS) & at least it's on a more recent security patch than LineageOS-microG.


XDA has released a ROG Phone 3 pre-review, & it sounds as corpo-friendly as it is. I'll be making a rant about it, but, due to internet issues (somehow I can't connect to Neocities for 2 straight days), expect it to be a stub. Regardless, here's the link.


Started the intialization of my own GNU/Linux distro list.

Also, having dug deeper on my own about the COVID pandemic, I felt guilty for claiming that it's a "psy-op pandemic". With this statement, I'm sorry. Sorry for falling headfirst into the belief of this being a PSY-OPS.


Finally unified the entire external links section.


Some update to the blog section : Archived the blog logs for the 1st half of 2020, link found above.

Reverted the h3 & p fonts back to Times New Roman.