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Last update : 17/2/2023

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Personal intro

First, lemme list some things about me:

Then, here's the list of shit I like:

And, on the flip side, here's the list of things I abhor:

The dates on the site uses the DD-MM-YYYY format.

My devices

Here are the list of the devices I'm using, along with their current functions & what they're currently running. It mostly mirrors my cellphone list, but with the previously mentioned additions, in addition to their live/dead status.

Currently active cellphones :

Currently active computers :

The Switch "ecosystem" :

Other peripherals (a.k.a. the rest of my so-called "ecosystem") :

The graveyard (dead / given up stuff) :

Current & tentative device wishlist :

Opinions regarding some stuff

Here's some of my opinions about some other things I otherwise won't even mention in this site.

Open source vs proprietary

Most of the time, I prefer open source, especially if I'm already used to using it; since they are more accessible than proprietary stuff. However, I also use proprietary software if the open source equivalents aren't good enough to convince me to switch from my proprietary software of choice.

As an example for Android, I've tried AIMP, Vanilla Music, Simple Music Player, Symphony, & Phonograph (and various other Android music apps), & I stuck with AIMP since I feel that the others weren't good enough IMO; though I eventually switched to Simple Music after AIMP ruined itself.

As someone who used both proprietary & open source software, I can say that I don't really care about it being open source or not, as long as it is simple to access & does what I need it to do without it getting in my way.


Not only do I not believe in piracy (as it currently stands, not what it used to be centuries ago), I believe the word "piracy" is used to vilify sharing.

To celebrate my support for piracy, I'll link /r/piracy & /r/FREEMEDIAHECKYEAH for more information (though I'll probably make my own page about this in the foreseeable future).

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