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Last update : 16/3/2023

- Introduction -

Best for security buffs
My personal best


Here's my list of best custom ROMs for those who still needs to use Android. Keep in mind that this is my own opinion, and this page ignores any issues with hardware and/or firmware as they cannot be modified / audited to become trustworthy.

For those who has no use for Android devices, there's only one recommendation : Discard them... ok that's 2, considering DigDeeper's link (which I hypocritically & ironically agree with despite my site's Android contents).

Best for security buffs

If you take security really seriously & would like to keep using Android in any form, stop reading any further, get the latest affordable Pixel (regardless of my disdain for them nowadays), and flash GrapheneOS (despite my obvious issues with it).

If you're asking for alternatives for GrapheneOS, don't bother. Here's the alleged "alternatives" (most supports verified boot except for /e/) & reasons why I don't recommend them (as far as I experienced) :

If you also care about privacy (in addition to security), here's a few tips I would offer up for those GrapheneOS users :

My personal best

For me, the least terrible ROM is crDroid, at least for A12L & A13. Here's a short-ish list (actually a rehash of its advantages, but a bit more personal) of why I believe it's the least terrible :

However, there are a few issues that keeps me from fully shilling for crDroid (if at all) :

If I were to have any other alternatives worth mentioning, I would have already made sure to list them above. Here are those that could have been my choice, yet couldn't :

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