Mounting partitions in TWRP as RW for dynamic partitioned PDAs

Last update : 10/2/2022


This is the (slightly) more detailed version of the 23/8/2021 blogpost where I talked about mounting partitions in TWRP as RW for dynamic partitioned PDAs like the X3P.

Here's hoping A12 (and PDAs released with A12 OOTB) won't fuck stuff up even worse...


  1. Boot to TWRP, if you haven't booted already.
  2. In TWRP, enter Mount & tick (mount) the partitions you want to mount as RW. At this moment, the partitions will be mounted as RO, but it's fine - it'll change on the next step.
  3. Browse to Advanced > Terminal, & enter "mount -o rw,remount (a partition to modify)"
  4. Here's some examples for the partitions :

  5. Tune up those partitions to your heart's desire (this includes installing NanoDroid modules as system modules as well).

List of PDAs that are tested with this method

Success (TWRP mounts partitions as RO, but can be mounted as RW with this guide)

No testing needed (due to lack of dynamic partition & TWRP mounts partitions as RW in A11 & beyond; make sure mount system partition read-only setting is unchecked)

Fail (TWRP unable to mount partition)

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