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Here's a (probably incomplete) list of electronic entertainments (anime & games) I've played and/or watched (with some commentary). Everything on the list will be listed alphabetically (A to Z).



iOS (iPad)

Mostly old ones from the golden ages of mobile gaming (before online-only incomplete apps dependent on an app store to even work)

Nintendo Switch

Played with an actual Switch console unless mentioned. Skyline hasn't convinced me to fully commit to the emulator route with the Switch at the moment.

Sony PS2

Played with AetherSX2. I don't really have much experience with PS2 since I don't have one in my childhood (but a friend around my neighborhood had one so I visited him rather frequently back then, mostly for the games)

Sony PSP

Played with PPSSPP, the PSP is where I spent my childhood gaming (as well as the DS, but emulating 2 screens on a single-screened device is questionable, especially since the bottom screen also houses the inputs) until the PSP's battery died and nobody thought about finding a replacement battery. Alas, the PSP's board is out as well, forcing me to a touchscreen that just isn't right for a game meant to be played with clickable buttons (the DualSense (or any physical controllers) mostly fixed this, but L2/R2 is not used).

Windows 10

All of them are repacks from various sources, due to my unwillingness to bend my knee to DRM-happy game dealers such as Steam & Epic (Fuck Epic Games! Fuck them for shutting down Infinity Blade!).


Nasuverse (Fate, KnK, whatever)


Cinema movies

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