Android tracker blocking

Last updated : 27/2/2023 (Incomplete, requires further additions)

- Introduction -

- Prerequisites -

- AdAway -
- Copy/pasting hosts -


This is my guide on blocking ads & trackers in Android. Due to the various methods available (of which I personally recommend AdAway), I will only cover AdAway & TWRP at the moment of writing (27/2/2023).


Required stuff :


Preparation guide (both VPN & root):

Additional steps for rooted (preferably done before setting hosts sources) :

Some notes regarding AdAway hosts sources :

Copy/pasting hosts

A more direct method for setting up ad-blocking hosts without AdAway. Ideal for Fate/GO players running custom ROMs who needs hosts-based ad-blocking ASAP, though uninstalling Magisk & all root-using components after applying hosts (or just using AdAway VPN if you're running locked bootloader) works as well.


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