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Some terms that'll probably appear on this site. You should searX the internet for more details, as the explanations are nutshelled. May also receive updates if new keywords arrive.

The old ones can be found here : (Link)


"Advanced" settings

An added settings interface that appears on various custom ROMs, such as HavocOS (Configuration Center), RR (Resurrection tools), crDroid (crDroid Settings), & POSP (Fries). These are generally UI tweaking settings that occasionally also take in basic settings in order to either artificially increase feature count, or prevent overlap with AOSP's own implementation of that setting.

Amazon (the big corpo)

Not to be confused with the Amazonian tribe and/or the Amazon jungle.

I generally call Amazon (the corpo) with something among the lines of "the monopolist whose name makes the jungle / rainforest & tribe with a similar name hardly pop up on search engines unless directly searched". Don't buy from here unless you either have no other choice or willing to support slavery of people on developed nations. Also, Ring's home "security" stuff is spyware.

Stallman also has an article about why you should avoid this unethical monopolist whose name makes the jungle / rainforest & tribe with a similar name hardly pop up on search engines unless directly searched.


Short for Android PacKage (or Android Package Kit / Android Application Package), it's a file format used by Android to install & distribute apps. In a nutshell, it's .msi (or a .exe installer) for Android.


Short for Arch User Repository.


badciv / goodciv

Bad Civilization / Good Civilization. This is a reference of a certain Hun.


My Codeberg repo's username. May be discontinued in the future.



A more relevant name for the smartphone, replacing the PDA. More fitting as well, as splitting the words result in "cell" & "phone", which does translate to prison & spying.


A.K.A. using the internet to do stuff via others' machines. For example, cloud storage refers to using the internet to borrow someone else's storage to store some files - said someone else still have access to the files.

Not to be confused with the cottony-looking condensed vapor up the skies.


Better known as CloudFlared. Here's a git repo about why CloudFlare's bad (archive).

Also, here's a guide to distrust CloudFlare (at least on Pale Moon / Pale Moon-based browsers like Werefox / Web Browser since that's the one shown on the guide)

Custom ROM

Better known as "Custom AOSP builds", but "Custom ROM" already stuck, despite its confusing name (custom read-only memory?). Here's some obvious examples.



SafetyNet client for microG. Can run as user-app (at the possible cost of ctsProfile fail) or system-app; however, in either case, SafetyNet has to be manually enabled in microG settings. Currently unavailable / deprecated, as Google has updated SafetyNet; rendering DroidGuard unable to pass it.




An app that fakes the presence of Google Play Store. Requires signature spoofing. Doesn't have license runtime verification, which might break paid apps that demands it.


Short for Free & Open Source Software.



Google / Goolag / Go-ogle Apps.


The name of this site. Broken down into the 2 words they're made of, "Gear" represents technology, "Jail" represents prison / dependency.

In my own terms, it means "jailbreaking your tech from the jail imposed by big corpos" - although I think the site's still not representing this yet.


Short for Google Mobile Services. Or, in most contexts, Goolag Mobile dis-Services.


The big corpo behind Android & the #1 internet services for the normies. For its activities & depending on the context, I'll call them in one of these 2 names: Goolag & Go-ogle. I'll still call them Google if the context doesn't match the ones for Goolag & Go-ogle.

Goolag ID

Another word for Google account. Named as such in honor of some paid apps refusing to work when a Google account that "paid" for it isn't detected.


A clearer word for free, as in free beer.






Urban Dictionary definition

Kang is a slang for "code stealing", where you take a code / git commit & publish them as yours, removing the original author's identifiers.


Lego-style connectors

A term coined by JerryRigEverything for the snap-on BTB (board to board) connectors found on most PDAs nowadays.



A FLOSS replacement of Google Play Services. Requires signature spoofing, and can be run as either user-app or system-app. For more information, head to GitHub or the official site. Also, may not be usable for location provider as user-app.


Separated into "mort" & "gage" & translated from Latin, it means "death" & "pledge" respectively, making its true meaning "death pledge".



Short for Network Time Protocol.



Short for Open Source Software. May be confused for OxygenOS by some people who can't spend a few extra moment to read & understand context.


Short for OSS-Vendored builds. I made this one up as the term OSS above could be mistaken for OxygenOS.



Short for personal digital assistant. The common smartphone nowadays are basically more advanced PDAs with telephony features such as phone calls & SMS. Used to be the default name for smartphones in this page, at least until I de-deluded myself off the belief that smartphones can be made private by default (because with a SIM card & cellular connection, it will always be tracked).


Per; also pers / perself / perse, short for person, as invented by the GNU movement. Not to be confused with "per" that also means since.

This is used only whenever I'm not sure what pronoun I should call the person with.

Pocket box

A term coined by Cracked in their "honest" phone ad.

Currently, it's used to refer to a cellphone that's purposefully disconnected to all networks & set to airplane mode just to emphasize this fact.


Short for Privacy Mod.


The term that gets misused by manufacturers when they release a device that isn't actually Pro, or when an operating system isn't up to a pro user's specs (Windows).

For example, the Mate 10 & Mate 10 "Pro", where the Mate 10 has a micro SD, headphone jack, & 1440p display the "Pro" variant lacks for whatever reason.

Another example that explains themselves well enough would be most "Pro" phones without "Pro" features such as the aforementioned headphone jack and/or microSD. Guess those "Pros" don't want to hear / listen the shit they're making - they just wanna look smug with their fancy-ass cameras & supahcolahpul AMOLED displays.

Apple is also guilty of spamming "Pro" on their machines. I dunno about you, but which "Pro" guys are they aiming at? "Pro" cameraman who thinks pers' cameras should answer phone calls & use horrifyingly bloated software whose bloat is disguised by excess CPU power? Or "pros" who constantly plugs & unplugs dongles for 90% of hardware work?

An example of a cellphone that's probably the most worthy of the "Pro" title is Sony's Xperia Pro - sure, it's twice as expensive as regular flagships - but nearly all "Pro" features are around (headphone jack, microSD) except for easy to remove battery (as in the battery can be removed without any other tool than your own fingers & hands).

And finally, an example so underpriced the "Pro" title stapled on it is just absurd is the Poco X3 Pro - take the X3N, nerf its rear cameras (which are meh anyway IMO), add in performance boost like UFS 3.1 & Snapdragon 860, & voila - instant budget "Pro" cellphone... minus the 5G thing on the Xperia Pro & the easy to remove battery.





Some sort of "safety" check for Android. But really, it's more like a DRM check, where, if tripped, blocks access to apps that has these check. Pokemon Go is an example of those who needlessly uses this shit.


A metasearch engine. Here's the list of searX instances (Javascript required).

Signature Spoofing

The ability to fake the presence of a service. While this sounds like a security risk, it is unfortunately needed for microG & FakeStore.


A highly cynical & deliberate typo on "super colorful".



Short for The Onion Router by the Tor Project. They have onion logo.



Short for User Interface.


Short for User eXperience.




X3N / X3P

Short for X3 NFC / X3 Pro.



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