Blog log - 1st half of 2022

Last update : 17/2/2023


Well, it is quite some time since I've blog-logged, but real-life has kept me away from updating the site. So, there's plenty of updates here (at least for the site).

Thinkpad T470 early impressions

First, I'll start with some good news (at least for me). The cousin who asked for my help in Minecraft 2 years ago dropped me a Thinkpad T470 that his family no longer use, preferring to keep it used by someone well-known rather than gathering dust in some cabinet. My thanks to them aside, here's a few things that I immediately experience from using the T470 :

In a nutshell, the T470 is a bigger & better X270. At least I don't have to replace its display & keyboard outright.

Other updates




Initial blog-log post for 2022 (BTW happy new year, even though I'm >48 hours late). Not much to expect in 2022 (except another Greek letter probably abused sometime in the future).

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