Blog log - 2nd half of 2021

Last update : 9/12/2022


Well, it's the 3rd Grav-Mass / X-Mas / Christmas (or any other holidays taking place at that date) since this site started out, so for the 3rd(?) time... happy holidays. May 2022 not suck as much as 2021, even if there's no hope for it to suck less (and again this could depend on your own perspective of how the times sucks).

10/11/2021 (Last update : 9/12/2022)

This blogpost is going to be my opinions (or rant?) of A12.

Android 12

After trying out several A12 ROMs (and daily driving some of them), here are my personal opinion of A12 based off what I can see :

23/8/2021 / 27/8/2021

Well, here goes a blogspot with actual content about the X3s I got, I suppose...

And thanks to the viewers for the 100k views!

Interchangeable parts on the Poco X3 series

When I obtained the X3P, I would never realize that it would have some issues with the display, such as dead (or slow-responding) touch zones on some parts on the corner & most, if not every screen protector attached on the display ends up having some issues with sticking itself to the display (27/8/2021 Update : another attempt at attaching a hydrogel screen protector ended up successful). However, almost 3 months of using it & having to contend with said issues eventually drove me mad enough to take apart both the X3N & X3P, despite the X3N not having issues with the display - all in order to see if the X3P could use the X3N's screen. Here are some results I found.

Mounting partitions as rw

Finally found a solution to mounting partitions as rw in TWRP for dynamic partitioned PDAs like the X3P (maybe X3N as well, if not using brigudav's TWRP with the convenient mountrw script). The workaround is listed below. (27/8/2021 Update : A slightly more detailed guide is available here.)


Got too hooked into playing Skyrim on Windows, so I'm probably not going to be able to update the site every now & then. Well, here's hoping there's custom ROMs worth trying out as well...

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