Counter-ranting XDA on mobile gaming

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Recently, XDA posted theirROG Phone 3 review (archive). While this doesn't warrant much of my attention by default, the author ranted on smartphone gaming, claiming that it's no longer a joke. As someone who has played DS, PSP, Android, & PC games, I am inclined to disagree.

Disclaimer : I mean no disrespect to the author, I merely find this rant disagreeable.

Rant content

If you consider yourself an avid gamer on console or PC, then you’re probably wary of mobile gaming. Mobile games have a bad rep, and that’s not undeserved. Gacha mechanics, microtransactions, and simplified gameplay are hated by hardcore gamers. I’ve recently come to re-evaluate my own views on smartphone gaming, and it’s not because mobile games themselves have gotten substantially better. Rather, it’s everything else that’s gotten better.
Cloud gaming services are now a viable way to enjoy many new titles in high-quality. Processors have become much more powerful in the last few years while retro game console emulators have also vastly improved in performance. An Android smartphone is both the best portable emulation machine you can buy while also the most accessible gateway to cloud gaming. For example, I recently started playing Valkyria Chronicles, a PS3 title ported to PC, on my phone via NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW. I also use Moonlight to stream Persona 4: Golden from my PC to play on my phone from the comfort of my couch. I’ve even used Moonlight to stream Pokémon Sword (emulated via Yuzu Emulator) to the ROG Phone 3.
Touch controls aren’t a problem if you have the right controller, either. Although the Razer Kishi (and other telescopic gaming controllers) don’t fit the ROG Phone 3 because of its off-center USB Type-C port on the bottom, you can use a number of your existing wireless gaming controllers. I personally paired my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller while propping up my phone using the AeroActive Cooler 3’s built-in kickstand (more on that later). Once ASUS’ Kunai Gamepad controller or Gaming Clip become available, I’ll likely switch to using either to play my games. Or maybe I’ll just hook up the phone to a TV to play some games with a wireless controller connected—the ROG Phone 3 supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode (video output) through the side USB-C port, after all.
I’m personally still easing myself into gaming on mobile after a decade of gaming on consoles and PCs, but I’m fully on board with the idea now. I hope this rant has changed the minds of some smartphone gaming skeptics. If you’re interested in trying out cloud gaming on your new ROG Phone 3, ASUS partnered with Google to offer 3 months of free Stadia Pro.

My counter-rant

If this "everything else" is cloud games & stuff, unfortunately, no. Not only do cloud games require constant internet connection, they also strip you of the ability to keep the game for future plays, since the games are from the provider's servers, & if it gets deleted for any reason, it's permanently gone, unless someone somehow manages to get a copy. Since I did mention constant internet, privacy will always be a concern. So, not only cloud gaming isn't really viable to enjoy stuff, it's the worst, but somehow the most convenient way to enjoy the latest games.

Depending on the game & your PDA, touch controls can be a problem, especially if they aren't customizable from the UI & external controllers are just a band-aid for the issue when it's not required. Streaming games do not fix this issue.