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pm uninstall

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System Apps
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system-ext Apps
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A list of system apps that can be removed (or not), as well as a pico-sized debloating guide.


Debloating methods

There are 3 methods of debloating I've used at the moment : Delete, freeze & pm uninstall.


Deleting with TWRP / any other TWRP-based recovery of choice : (Not sure about TWRP-based ones, so this assumes you're using TWRP) (Also, be careful not to delete the entire app folder, or you'll have to reflash your ROM)

  1. Boot to TWRP / any other TWRP-based recovery of choice. As long as the recovery has read/write access to the partitions, you're good to go.
  2. Enter the Mount option, tick System, as well as any partition you'd like to debloat, like Product & Vendor. Again, make sure these partitions aren't read-only.
  3. Head to Advanced > File Manager.
  4. In the file manager, browse your way to the corresponding folder of the app you'd like to delete.
  5. In that folder, select the folder logo on the bottom right corner & select Delete. Follow the prompt.
  6. Wipe Dalvik & cache before booting to system after you're done debloating.

Deleting with SD Maid (root required) :

After granting SD Maid its needed permissions (root, storage, usage access), enter Settings > AppControl & tick "Include System-Apps". Afterwards, enter AppControl, select Scan, & browse to the app you're going to delete. Select Delete.




For apps that can be frozen from Settings, enter Settings > Apps & notifications > see all apps. Then, browse to your app to freeze, & select Force Stop, then Disable.

Otherwise, use SD Maid with root access. After granting SD Maid its needed permissions (root, storage, usage access), enter Settings > AppControl & tick "Include System-Apps". Afterwards, enter AppControl, select Scan, & browse to the app you're freezing. Select Force Stop application & Freeze app.



pm uninstall

pm, which is another shorted word for package manager. The classic uninstall method that also works on non-rooted PDAs (ADB), and the common method to temporarily debloat some stock ROMs.

In order to do this via ADB, enable USB debugging on your PDA. Then, connect it to your PC. On the PC, open terminal / command prompt / PowerShell, navigate to the folder containing adb/fastboot tools (may not be necessary on Arch distros if android-tools is installed), type adb devices to detect the PDA & trigger ADB prompt in the PDA, which you need to accept in order to proceed further. Afterwards, enter adb shell, & pm uninstall --user 0 (package name).

Alternatively, you could also do this by using a terminal emulator in your PDA, but you'll need root as well. To do this, open your terminal app (install it beforehand if you haven't), type su to gain root, & pm uninstall --user 0 (package name).

General advantages:

General disadvantages:

Advantages (ADB):

Disadvantages (ADB):

Advantages (root):

Disadvantages (root):

Universal system apps

These are system apps available in every Android ROMs. For A11 PDAs (especially the ones with dynamic partition), /system may be replaced with /system_root/system.

System Apps


Vendor Apps

On Android 10, some apps are moved from the priv-app to vendor-app. On dynamic partitioned PDAs like the X3N, /vendor cannot be debloated via TWRP even if /system is remounted as rw.


Somewhat essential apps found in /system-ext.

system-ext Apps

system-ext Priv-Apps

Product Apps

Starting with Android 11, /product is a separate partition from /system. On dynamic partitioned PDAs (such as X3N), /product apps can be debloated if /system is remounted as rw in TWRP (available in brigudav's TWRP, for example).


Go-ogle apps available for Goolag variants of ROMs. You shouldn't encounter these in Vanilla ROMs, but some soydevs (especially Limbo devs, but others might) might put it there.

They're probably safe to remove. However, by not using Goolag variant / Pixel ROMs, you don't have to remove them since they weren't there to begin with.

Go-ogle Apps

Go-ogle Priv-Apps

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