How to run root-hating games in rooted PDAs (Fate/GO; PUBG Mobile; Genshin Impact)

This article is out of date, pending update that factors in Magisk 24.0.


Here's my personal guide to make root-hating games such as Fate/GO, PUBG Mobile, & Genshin Impact run on rooted PDAs.

Works on Pie, A10, & A11 (for A11, I've only tested Fate/GO). Not tested on older Android variants, such as Nougat & Oreo.



Let's check a few things before getting into this guide.

Hide Magisk Manager

Again, if you have hidden Magisk Manager (and given it another name, if you're running > 7.3.5), skip this step.

Magisk Manager (or just Magisk starting 22.0) > 7.3.5 : First, connect to the Internet, otherwise the Hide Magisk Manager option won't be available. Then, open the Magisk Manager & enter its settings. Select Hide Magisk Manager. Give it a name & select OK, then watch as Magisk updates its Manager app & hides it. Re-open the Manager app & let it fully download the APK. Afterwards, reopen the new Manager app.

Magisk Manager <= 7.3.5 : Open Magisk Manager, enter settings, select Hide Magisk Manager, done. No need to connect to internet.

Enable MagiskHide for the app

Enter the MagiskHide menu (Shield logo for 8.0.0 Manager > MagiskHide) & select the app you'd like to not gain any root access.

Afterwards, connect to the internet (if you haven't connected yet) & open the app. It should just run now. If it doesn't run, make sure you have checked everything in the checklist & MagiskHide is enabled for that app. Then clear the data of that app.

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