Google being Goolag - Play Asset / Feature Delivery

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Last updated : 24/1/2022

What is Play Asset / Feature Delivery?

First, let's discuss Play Asset Delivery (PAD), since it's as straightforward as its name. PAD allows big games to replace expansion files (OBB) by uploading the entire game's resource to Google servers, downloading them as necessary.

As for Play Feature Delivery (PFD), it's basically a mechanism to allow features that were meant to be available from the beginning (such as reviews in a marketplace app) to be downloaded when required.

In short, both PAD & PFD are enforced tools for making apps dependent on Play Services, by removing essential assets & features that should have came with the app in the first place. This also means they are misguided tools to reduce app size.

Issues with Play Asset & Feature Delivery

A (hopeful) fix for PAD & PFD

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