Pixel 3 Review

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- Physical features -
- Audio -
- Display -
- Bootloader unlocking -
- Repairability -
- Custom ROM & Kernel Availability -
- Other issues -
- Conclusion -


The Pixel 3 - my first foray at official GrapheneOS & CalyxOS.

Physical features

The Pixel 3 is one tiny PDA, when compared to most of the PDAs I've held & used.

On the top section, there's the secondary mic.

The single-SIM slot, USB-C charging port & primary mic are located on the bottom corner.

Left section is essentially blank.

Right section is home to the volume & power buttons. As per the Pixel design tradition, the power button is above the volume buttons.

Front side is reserved for the 5.5' 18:9 OLED, front cameras, & stereo speakers located on the top & bottom bezels. The top speaker also doubles as an earpiece.

The back is 2-toned, with rear camera & flash module on the glossy section & the fingerprint scanner on the matte section, which takes up most of the back.

For materials, the front & back are covered with Gorilla Glass 5, while aluminium is used for the frame. The power button uses plastic, while the volume button uses aluminium.

Audio Quality

The Pixel 3 only comes with front-facing stereo speakers which sounded pretty decent. However, as there's no headphone jack on the Pixel 3, good luck finding a dongle (or compatible USB-C headphones) for it if you either lost the one that came with it, or didn't get one when getting the Pixel 3.


The 5.5' 18.9 OLED display is fine enough (turned-off blacks are good). Since it's an OLED, burn in will eventually happen. As it's a 18:9 display, games with blue-bar letterboxing (Fate/GO) is a burn-in incident waiting to happen if you're playing it.

Bootloader unlocking

The bootloader unlocking process is foolproof & simple : plug PDA to PC, enable OEM unlocking & USB debugging in stock OS' developer options, boot to fastboot & fastboot oem unlock in fastboot. No connecting to internet (if you have the adb/fastboot tools ready).


Custom ROM & Kernel Availability (as of 22/9/2021)

When it comes to custom ROMs, there's 2 categories - with lockable bootloaders & without.

As for the custom kernels, there's only Elemental, & it probably won't work on locked bootloaders.

Other issues

Let's start out with the bad ones:

Then, the less bad ones

And, finally, the actually good ones:


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