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This ROM list is officially discontinued, in favor of the newer one.

04/11/2019 Update : As Android 10 ROMs are released, devs are winding down on Pie ROMs, and maybe also discontinuing it. This list may be pointless, and, as most Pie builds on XDA (other than LineageOS) may be discontinued, I've decided to probably discontinue this list, with the caveat that if I have tested Q builds & am satisfied with it, the list will also cater to Q builds. Meanwhile, for Pie users who can build their own ROM & apply security patches, it's recommended to do so.

This is a kinda nutshelled list of custom ROMs I have used & experienced - and is available in XDA. SearX the internet and/or XDA for more details.

This list isn't valid if you build your own ROM, though.

Here are my must-have criterias:

and some nice-to-have ones:

For the record, the ROMs are tested with a 6/128 Pocophone F1 (A-only), 4/64 Mi A1 (A/B), and 4/128 Pixel XL (A/B) Sure, there are Treble ROMs, but I haven't tried them yet.

17/09/2019 Update : Recently obtained a 4/128 US998 LG V30+ (A-only, just like the F1). What's interesting is that despite being an A-only, USB debugging self-enables (if enabled by default) only on 1st boot.

24/09/2019 Update : Flashed 20190913 AOSiP build for F1 (which apparently has inbuilt vendor), and discovered that USB debugging self-enables only on 1st boot. Not sure about other vendored builds for F1 though - didn't even bother testing them for now... Also, dropped the Pixel XL due to a severe lack of custom ROMs.

With my criterias out of the way, here's the list:


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