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Last updated : 27/2/2023 (incomplete, will require additions)

- Introduction -

Gallery | IrfanView

Video / Music | VLC

Text / source code editor | Notepad++ | Prebuilt notepad

Document reader | Sumatra PDF

Browser | Pale Moon



This article is to list out the Windows 10 apps that I use. I would also like to make it clear that I don't recommend using Windows 10/11, and that this list will also serve as some sort of reference for what kind of apps I look forward to use for Artix (GTK3).

W10's prebuilt gallery app is quite decent, though it has its own unwanted connections & tends to be removed by the AME script.


Usable as a Windows Gallery replacement, but closed source. Sumatra PDF should be a good alternative as it also supports image viewing, although you will have to combine picture viewer & document reader.

Video / Music

Haven't switched from VLC on Windows for too long (if at all), so haven't tried other music apps to split video & music.


A video / music player I've come to rely on in Windows for pretty much most of my time in Windows. Mostly used to edit music tags, and the last known to work best for me is one from 2018 (3.0.14).

Text / source code editor


The de facto text & code editor of Windows, based on Scintilla. Unmatched in quality, even in Linux, where some (such as Dedoimedo) would even install Wine to make Notepad++ work in Linux.

Notepad++ features that I look for in Linux text / source code editors :

Prebuilt notepad

Pretty much the prebuilt Notepad app from Windows. Good for some text editing, not so much for anything else.

Document reader

Chromium-based browsers double as PDF readers, as not ideal as it sounds.

Sumatra PDF

A small, fast, & open source document reader. Also supports image viewing, though I didn't use it.


Honorable mentions :

Dishonorable mentions :

Pale Moon


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