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Last updated : 12/1/2023 (incomplete, will require additions)

- Introduction -

Gallery | Ristretto

Video | Mpv

Music | Quod Libet

Text / source code editor | Mousepad | xed | Nano

Document reader | MuPDF

Browser | Pale Moon

File manager | Thunar



This article is to list out the apps that I use in Artix, with XFCE DE.

General things that are considered important for the apps I use :

Some nice to haves for the apps I use :


XFCE's default image viewer.


Honorable mentions :


A simple (and extremely minimalist) video player that can also play music if the files are opened in the file manager. Not to be confused with monkeypox, despite what some search engines would claim in 2022. Available in galaxy, although the link directs to perl for some reason at the time of writing (26/1/2023).


Currently looking for another music app aside from Quod Libet.

Quod Libet

Not available in world / galaxy Artix repositories.

Text / source code editor

Currently stuck between waiting for Geany / Mousepad to have tab scrolling (which may depend on it getting re-added by upstream GTK - alternatively I could just ctrl+pgup / ctrl+pgdn to switch tabs), or waiting for xed / Gedit / Pluma to have inbuilt option for restoring tabs between sessions (or even wait for SciTE to have both & also be present in world / galaxy).

Mentions :


XFCE's default text (and code) editor. Restores tabs between sessions (might require setting session restore to always in Preferences > File), but lacks tab scrolling. Mousepad also keeps unsaved buffers, which can be neat. Available in world.


A lightweight text editor made by Linux Mint developers, as the default for their Cinnamon DE.

As a source code editor, it supports tab scrolling (where scrolling changes the active tab instead of browsing through visible tabs), but does not restore open tabs between sessions. For the latter, there is a separate plugin to fix that, though as of 3/10/2022, it needs to be compiled (just like pretty much all of xed's plugins, which is absent on both Arch & Artix, despite apparently appearing in the plugins options). Available in galaxy.


A text editor for the terminal. As someone who primarily uses the GUI, I won't be using this all that often (aside from some one-time configurations on installing Artix). But then again, I'm not the general audience for terminal-only apps... including Vim (but then again that one is a lifestyle).

Document reader


1st-party JS & XHR required to view site.


Honorable mentions :

Pale Moon (palemoon-bin / palemoon-gtk3-bin)

Requires usage of AUR (but not any other optional repositories), as seen on AUR-based installation guide.

File manager


XFCE's default file manager. Requires gvfs to automatically deal with removeable storages.

Other stuff

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