Havoc OS Conflict - Havoc/ZenX

- Introduction -

- Official statement from SKULSHADY -

- Official statement from ZenixXxX -

- 11/06 Update -

- Havoc's fate in the future -


Recently, there's some trouble at HavocOS team.

Official statement from SKULSHADY

There are some things that might need to be cleared up for some people. ZeNiXxXx was kicked out of Havoc Team this past week due to some internal conflict. Havoc-OS was originally my idea and execution. Before Havoc-OS all ZeNiXxXx knew was to rename other ROMs and call it his own. His adventures in the past include Zenity-RR (RR Kang), Z-Unleashed (Nitrogen OS Kang), Unleash OS (RR Kang).

I was working with him in the past on these projects and I'm not proud of it.

Because of him I got the tag of kanger and Havoc was called a kang ROM. I brought up Havoc-OS from scratch back in Oreo. He used to handle base development so he was lead developer at that time. He used to maintain a private base which was full of commits with fucked up authorship (Kanged commits). He still does. He had screwed up so many things in the past so I took over the base development too. I managed the whole project and continued development at the same time. All he did was work on his device. Like any other maintainer does. His idea of development was to pick and add every commit he could lay his eyes upon which I disagreed with. Due to the difference of opinion and his constant kanging I kicked him out. Now he posted a sob story to try and make me the bad guy. He is sharing partial information including some screenshots with selective messages and spreading rumors about me. I request you all to ignore all of that.
Feel free to check GitHub if you need any proof. Havoc development will continue the way it has been. Thank you all for being a part of this community.✌

- Some evidence in favor of SKULSHADY

Official statement from ZenixXxX

Official statement to the things that happened:
As all of you know, i'm the real founder of HavocOS. I got "famous" and lots of users starts to following my work, my projects and roms some years ago. Some of you maybe remember the Z-Unleashed, Unleashed and Suicide Squad Roms, thats where i build up my whole community and havoc has a lot of users from the beginning cause of my projects in my past.
So you guys want to know what happened. I will come to it now.
On my past projects Skulshady(the guy who is calling himself the "founder" of HavocOS now) was just helping me out with some little todos like, setting up repos, creating telegram groups, working and learning how to create logos and so on. He doesnt even know how to code at beginning ... he had no knowledge about building, coding, using server , github, java and so on ... i teached him all of it. He learned more and more and took over more task, like helping me coding and so on. I was always active in the background, bringing all features to havoc to make it awesome while he did some UI stuff for havoc.
So i'm coming now to the end of the story.
Cause i trusted him and though he can do and helped me even more and trusted him the fully administration of all groups, adding security patches and so on ( while i was adding and testing even more cool stuff for havoc), he started to use that against me and calling him founder and what ever.
So now read how he says thanks to for me for all that:
And on Saturday he told me that he is the havoc developer cause he is doing so much now. He said to me that my havoc version is against UI guidelines, which is of course not true, its exactly the same as "his" version. The only difference is, that users can change for example Lockscreen Clock size, font and color. He want to make a PIXEL ROM out of Havoc OS, but that was *never* the idea Havoc. I dont know in which world he is leaving but havoc was famous on Pie cause of awesome UI combined with lots of cool features.
As u see Havoc 3.0 doenst have that much features. The answer here is cause Skulshady dont want to add them, cause he wants to stay more Google /Default/Pixelrom like. So WTF does Pixel UI have in common with Havoc os ? *Absolutly nothing!!*

For the features, I don't really mind since I'm used to lightweight ROMs. It doesn't have to be added just for the sake of being there.

Actually, Pixel UI & Havoc UI ain't that different - currently, they use the same launcher (in future update, it'll change), the settings UI aren't that different aside from some extra settings & an extra advanced settings menu. Add in Go-ogle apps / use Go-ogle variant, & it's basically Pixelrom with Havoc flavor.

He says my HavocOS version is breaking Havoc idea and ui ... but the true answer is that *he* is breaking it.
And he kicked me from all groups, github, sourceforge and so on. I have nothing yet. All gone, my commuinty with about 300k memebers and so on ...
Soooo guys that happen when u trust people!!!

Well, I could agree to this point. However, you also made Havoc OS branded a "kang rom", & the other guy receiving the "kanger" brand.

So what will happen now ? I was the one why Havoc was born and i'll be the one who is going to crash that hype again!!

I'll do now a new rom, based on havoc, cause its still my idea, my work, my passion and so on. This rom will be called ZenX-OS. This Time all should know who owns the rom.

OK, whatever. Just make sure to keep control tight though.

I need some time to setup github, sourceforge and my community again. But i wont disappoint you, this will be truly the best rom out their.

11/6/2020 Update

Telegram Link

Hey everyone. Another shameless act committed by Zenixxx. He doesn't even know how to merge Security patches so he just picks from Havoc and changes authorship (Kangs it). I'm really sick of his behavior and feel really sorry for him. I think he needs some help. Here's the kanged commit if anyone still needs proof about his intentions. https://github.com/ZenX-OS/android_frameworks_base/commit/d89710401dc28e9afca0f81a3f96345a81efc27f (archive). Check the commit message and see the date and signature which is the same as mine https://github.com/Havoc-OS/android_frameworks_base/commit/9e213717ac572310da411510077615751798a7fd (archive). Such people are a disgrace to the android community.

Github links archived in case of any funny business from any side.

Havoc's fate in the future

As of now, I'll brand Havoc a "one dev ROM", just like Reloaded. However, I will also give credit to SKULSHADY for his dedication to Havoc.

13/11/2020 update : Well, Havoc ain't a "one dev ROM" anymore. Good for them - and me, a HavocOS fan.

As for ZenX OS (ZeniXxXx's ROM), I'll add it to the Untested category, as a ROM to avoid.

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