FH5 Substory - Lucha de Carreteras

Last updated : 16/10/2022

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My personal opinions about the substory


A slightly less nutshelled explanation of Lucha de Carreteras, a substory of Forza Horizon 5. Spoiler alert.

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My personal opinion about the substory

To be honest... geh. The player is constantly supplied with a shitbucket that would absolutely annihilate the entire championship (unless the opponents use some offroad-tuned supercar, which never appears here), and the supposedly rudo El Forzudo was somehow a tecnico every time you race against him. If there was anything remotely good about this substory, it fits in well with FH5's rather comical dialogues. Otherwise, it's yet another forced unlock that can be skipped.

How I would fix this substory:

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