Explain Quotes

The (probably imperfect) way to explain some quotes found in the index.

Just as your data is meant to be your data, your device should be your device. No third party should have the power to control your device without your explicit consent.

This is also a nod to /e/'s Your data is YOUR data slogan.

Ideally, nobody should have the ability to fuck up your device but you. None should be able to remotely control your system without your full permission.

I'm not exactly inspired enough to dish out quotes, but at least I don't pick random quotes & staple a famous person's name on it.

I don't know if some / any of the famous people say any of the quotes, but since some random wiseguy thought these famous people said these, whatever. At least I could hope I see some of these people actually say them while they're alive (or, at the very least, recorded).

Assholes are assholes, even if they're apparently the most religious person.

Where I'm from (I don't know about others, but it's cool if they're the same), assholes are considered good guys if they're religious and/or reputable. In my opinion, I don't care where they come from or how reputable they are - if I see them as assholes, they are assholes, even if they're known to be good guys.

Also, pardon my bias on religious people - I keep seeing assholes hiding behind their religion - including smokers of course. Those fuckers deny access to clean air for the people around them.

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