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Last update : 7/3/2022

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- /e/ -
- Graphene -
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Just a minor list of captive portal providers.


These are the ones I can safely recommend, unless you have a reason not to use them.


The default connectivity checker for /e/ OS, hosted at Scaleway, Netherlands. Not as reliable as the other checkers in my experience.

Connectivity check URLs :

Connectivity check IP : (IPv4)


The default connectivity checker for GrapheneOS, unless you've toggled the connectivity check setting to use Go-ogle's servers. Pretty reliable in my personal experience, but this is one of the longer ones to type in.

Connectivity check URLs :


A connectivity checker owned & provided by Mike Kuketz, a German security researcher. So far, this is the connectivity checker I use the most, since it's the most reliable (and also the least bothersome to type in).

Connectivity check URLs :

Connectivity check IP : (IPv4)


Ones you must avoid for various reasons, such as privacy invasive, questionable trustworthiness, questionable uptime, etc.


The default captive portal provider for literally every ROMs except for a select few (/e/ default, Graphene default).

Connectivity check URLs (in case you'd like to block them) :

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