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Last update : 8/12/2022

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A minor list of captive portal providers that I've personally encountered. This page is meant to be opened in combination with captive portal guides, such as this one for Android.


These are the ones I can safely recommend, unless you have a reason not to use them.


The default connectivity checker for GrapheneOS, unless you've toggled the connectivity check setting to use Go-ogle's servers. Pretty reliable in my personal experience, but this is one of the longer ones to type in.

Connectivity check URLs :


A connectivity checker owned & provided by Mike Kuketz, a German security researcher. So far, this is the connectivity checker I use the most, since it's the most reliable (and also the least bothersome to type in).

Connectivity check URLs :

Connectivity check IP : (IPv4)


Ones you must avoid for various reasons, such as privacy invasive, questionable trustworthiness, questionable uptime, etc.


The default connectivity checker for /e/ OS, hosted at Scaleway, Netherlands. Not as reliable as the other checkers in my experience, and no longer recommended.

Connectivity check URLs :

Connectivity check IP : (IPv4)


The default captive portal provider for literally every ROMs except for a select few (/e/ default, Graphene default).

Connectivity check URLs (in case you'd like to block them) :

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