Bromite browser notes

Last updated : 18/1/2023 (this page will no longer be updated)

- Introduction -

- Default connections -
- Mitigating default connections -

- Personal configurations -


My personal notes on Bromite - one of the few Android browsers that barely passes for a privacy-focused browser.

18/1/2023 Update : My opinions about Bromite has soured significantly, with the developer pushing muh ukrain psyop a bit too far (on the topmost section of the Git's readme, where it is seen without scrolling) & refusing to drop its banner ( Combined with the lack of grouped tab (which does tidy up browsing) & slow updates, I no longer recommend Bromite.

Default connections

These default connections are found using NetGuard.

Mitigating default connections

These mitigations should be done at 1st launch after installing Bromite, preferably while not connected to the internet.

Home page shortcuts :

Automatic updates :

Ad-blocking (optional) :

Personal configurations