Adding a search engine in mobile Chromium-based browsers

Last updated : 18/1/2023

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This is a short guide on adding a search engine in mobile Chromium-based browsers such as Bromite. Unfortunately, due to upstream mobile Chromium's limitations, internet access is mandatory for this guide. In addition, some Chromium-based browsers such as Mulch are incompatible with this method, so I will list which browsers that are compatible with this guide.

The guide

  1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet & your chosen Chromium-based browser has access to internet.
  2. Enter your preferred search engine address and any random query.
  3. Here's an example for Mojeek :

  4. Go to Settings > search engine. Your preferred search engine should now appear in the "Recently visited" section. Select it.

The list

Compatible browsers

Incompatible browsers

Compatible search engines

Incompatible search engines

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