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Last update : 17/2/2023

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Breath of the Wild; Nintendo Switch's first notable game & literally my first foray into Zelda games. Welp, here's my very rough list (and very much incomplete) of hot takes for BotW; spoilers, bumpers, splitters, canards, & tow hooks included.


First off, the game feels like Nintendo took Skyrim's vast but shallow map (made even shallower by having more fast travel points & making fast travel possible in any situation as long as you can access the map) & added in weapon damage physics (where weapons get damaged by overuse & basically turns into a Broken Phantasm on its final attack, dealing 2x damage at the cost of the weapon obviously getting destroyed, maybe except the Master Sword which regains usability after 10 real-time minutes, though obtaining it in the first place requires at least 13 hearts).

Stealth mechanism is probably on par with Sekiro (not that I have played it myself), both of which are a far cry from Metro Exodus' bandits (where they at least become REALLY trigger-happy). The best part of BotW's stealth mechanics is in the Yiga Clan hideout, where you are forced to fight a hard battle (and may definitely die, especially on the last section) when you're busted... but that's just about it.

Motion control is implemented (via the right joycon, which translates to the whole device if attached to Switch) in aiming & scope-sighting; and they were VERY well implemented to the point I had difficulty aiming with only the right analog stick.


Not much to say here, but... why is this series named after the imprisoned princess & not the [hero/knight/adventurer] freeing her? Why not Legend of Link?

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