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Last blogpost of the year - 29/12/2020


Well, I thought I'd just laze around & not post any updates until at least New Year, but screw it. I might as well do one last flip-flop & write something about COVID - not the disease, but the society around me with this thing around. So, let's start with me listing some assholes that spawn out of this "pandemic" :

Then, some questionable changes that happened just because of COVID :

And, let me say this about DigDeeper's COVID article : So far, throughout 2020, I actually can't come up with any rebuttals to disagree, even if I was reading in disagreement & to find something I can actually disagree on.

X3N updates

Well, I survived MIUI on my X3N for more than a week - still no burner number in the ready. So, here's my impression after that time, with a disclaimer that says I'm so happy with 120hz the bias may get skewed :


Well, the PrivMod-basic & root hating games guide are updated to factor in A11, after playing around with crDroid v7.1 for F1. Speaking of crDroid, I'm proud to nominate it "The Best Heavyweight ROM You'll Ever Use".

To close this year - Happy Holidays - Christmas, Grav-Mass, Isaac Newton's birthday, you name it.


Well, got the X3 NFC (which will be referred to as X3N). Here's my initial impressions of the device :

Then, here's my initial impression of MIUI (after abandoning it on the F1 for so long, only to return there on the X3N) :

So, in conclusion, this WILL be my last Xiaomi / Poco device. I like the hardware, but again, the bootloader protocol is so bad it erases all positivity I had for them, as well as excarberating the software's flaws, since you can't just remove it without waiting for days or even weeks. Time to look for a burner number, I suppose... since support comes only after I get a custom ROM on it.

Also, a tiny update for Android 11 : I can transfer OBB files to /Android/data/obb by TWRP. Having to boot to recovery just to transfer some resource files sucks. Why would any custom ROM developers keep on insisting to run the latest Android, even if some of their advantages are eclipsed by the removal of user choice?


Just tried out Genshin Impact, & here's my take on it:

For Android 11, here's my initial impressions:

As for the site changelog... I unfortunately forgot the logs. Sorry about that. As far as I could remember, some slight updates for Shattered Pixel.

And, finally, I'm planning to get the Poco X3 NFC, & getting the same cousin who got me to try out Genshin to help me unlock the bootloader. I hope this is my last Xiaomi / Poco PDA (unless Poco's actually changing the bootloader unlock protocol to be less internet-dependent).


So, I was randomly plugging in my Zenfone 6 when I discovered that it's alive (red LED shines on charge). An update to 176 firmware & last Havoc build (without wiping System) gave me this result (could be that I didn't wipe System while installing Havoc):

With this, The Zenfone 6 retakes its 2nd place, blasting the OnePlus 3T all the way down to 3rd. Of course, the F1's shit-ass touchscreen had to drag it all the way to 4th.

Anyway, moving on to the bad news - my Pixel XL finally gave up the ghost. It fell & the OLED panel cracked, somehow leaving the glass intact. I could technically fix it, but since I couldn't find any spare parts for the Pixel XL (at least without submitting to Amazon / Alibaba botnet), I had to mark it as a dead PDA.

Either way, here's the changelog for now :


Well, I bought the Sony Xperia XZ1 to see if I can support the device. Turns out, the XZ1 I got was the SOV36 with non-unlockable bootloader, which sucks. However, it is also an opportunity for me to say that you should never get a carrier-locked device, & an opportunity for me to make a PrivMod for non-rooted PDAs. That guide should come as soon as I could consider it stable & reliable, so it'll take a bit. Yes, this unfortunately means that I don't support the XZ1.

The PDA Apps article has enough changes that I have to list its own changelog, so here's the log:

And some changelog for the site :

Finally, to close up this blog post, I won't be active for quite a while. Playing 2 Fate/GO accounts in an event does really damage my time, & I do have to focus on improving my alt.


Let's start with some changelog:

Then, I'm not quite glad to announce it, but due to deteriorating free time, I had to pause the PDA OS section.


Another minor site update:


After nearly a fortnight of not being able to update the site, I am now ready to throw off another update for the site. The changelogs include:

And, since I've been also playing Shattered Pixel Dungeon for a bit, I hope I can plan on making an article(s) about that. As a spoiler alert - the game is fucking awesome & it's open sourced.


A tiny update for the site:

And, that's it. Aside from me thanking the viewers for 20k views, thank you for that.


Well, it's the end of September. And the end of the year for Android 10, as the developers shift their focus towards A11, & potentially also making more Limbos in the process.

With that said, here are the site changelog:


Changelog for the site:


Starting out with something to clear up in the PDA OS section :

And, with this, here's the site changelog:


First, let me start this part by sending my condolences to the GZOSP team: RIP Martin Coulon (martinusbe), you'll be missed, & thanks for GZOSP.

Now that I'm done sending the condolences, here are the changelog for the site :


The 3T has arrived, & flashed with its latest TWRP & Havoc. With this, here's the site changelog:

As a short addition, here's my thoughts of Oxygen OS (Pie):


With air & dust in my wallet & hypocritical hatred of Windows in my heart, I hereby announce that OnePlus 3T support is arriving... soon. No ETAs.

Meanwhile, Bliss replaces Corvus as the "Limbo ROM to avoid", & the LG V30 review finally had something that hopefully looks like an incomplete conclusion.


Starting with some news:

Then, some changelog for the site:


First of all, I'm going to announce that I'm no longer going to update my GNU/Linux distro list, generally because I need a PC I can rely on. Don't get me wrong, I would like to use GNU/Linux and/or BSD (haven't even started testing them). However, I couldn't get WINE to work at all & touch support is all over the place (Examples of stuff that supports touch input the best is Chromium-based browsers & GNOME DE (and, by extension, Budgie). On the apps side, for example, PPSSPP (Qt) struggles to identify more than 1 touch input). So, yeah. I'm stuck at Windows for now, even if I wanted to hate it just as much as I tried to love GNU/Linux. I'll also admit that I grew up with Windows.

On that note however, there is some good news: work is being done to make a privacy-friendly Windows 10 build. The details are available at the PC OS list.


Changelog for the site:


Added MoKee & Nusantara Project to the PDA OS list, & updated some parts for F1 review.


A tiny update for CSS which can be seen firsthand in the PDA-OS section. Speaking of the PDA OS section, a downgrade for Corvus thanks to their "server side issues".


A minor update to state that Lineage-microG is back & brings A10 support in the process. Support for Poco F1 (theirs, not mine) is currently off though.


Posting the blog log like a changelog here:


First off, I'm announcing that I'm cutting off my support for the Zenfone 6, with reasons listed below:

General logs:


In memory of going down, the YouTube links will use instance.

Updated the PrivMod-base to reflect on Private DNS usage.


As we trudge on the last days of July 2020, I'll be doing some short updates.

Changelog for PDA-OS:

And, some PSA messages regarding the pandemic:


In celebration of having somehow reached 10,000 viewers (thanks!), I'll be making something that (hopefully) looks like an actual blog post.

Pixel XL & Android 10

To start off with the "blogpost", I've tried out Android 10 builds on the Pixel XL, using these 3 ROMs: LineageOS (just to update the firmware); Dirty Unicorns, & BlissROMs. This is done primarily because I just wanted to check them out. Well, the results are disappointing. Here's my full report:

In my attempt to return the Pixel to Pie, I've chosen to flash /e/ out of curiosity, see what changed. Well, nothing changed, save for these : DNS settings for Pie actually works (not Private DNS) & at least it's on a more recent security patch than LineageOS-microG.


XDA has released a ROG Phone 3 pre-review, & it sounds as corpo-friendly as it is. I'll be making a rant about it, but, due to internet issues (somehow I can't connect to Neocities for 2 straight days), expect it to be a stub. Regardless, here's the link.


Started the intialization of my own GNU/Linux distro list.

Also, having dug deeper on my own about the COVID pandemic, I felt guilty for claiming that it's a "psy-op pandemic". With this statement, I'm sorry. Sorry for falling headfirst into the belief of this being a PSY-OPS.


Finally unified the entire external links section.


Some update to the blog section : Archived the blog logs for the 1st half of 2020, link found above.

Reverted the h3 & p fonts back to Times New Roman.

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