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Added Pling links for some ROMs. Anyone who's using these must enable Javascript & XHR/fetch for


Introducing a new addition to the ROM list: Pixys & Bootleggers. And, to further add stuff, every time a ROM gets introduced, here's what I do:


Just sharing a little confession of a bastard cop(|( in recognition of basically everyone around the clearnet going political.

As for why I didn't link the original site, it's because I don't think I can trust Medium to keep this story up.


Well, haven't blogged in a while, so I might as well...

Though, here are some changes for the future:

And, as an additional note for anyone browsing the clearnet : You may want to turn off Javascript, since some sites will throw the "you have adblock, you can't see site" BS.


Just tested the latest BlissROMs build for Zenfone 6 & here's my results.


Deprecated the DroidPDA section, & updated the index to do so. In the future, the DroidPDA section will be completely removed, just as soon as I found time from playing too much Metro.

As for the Havoc / ZenX conflict, sorry for the lack of updates, but, as previously said, I've been playing Metro. So, as soon as I finish (which'll be at the end of May perhaps), I'll finish that article.

PSA : I'm not playing Metro on PDA.


Started an article regarding the latest trouble at HavocOS. I'm not going to make articles like this, but I just had to. To me, Havoc is the ROM where I've used microG for the 1st time.

And, the Rants section will be upgraded to Rants / Ramblings.


Initialized a guide of how to choose a custom ROM. Since there's so fucking many custom ROMs out there (& some of them are basically similar to the other), it had to be done.


Finished the initial parts of the PrivMod. Stay tuned for the cleanup phase.


Introducing a minor update to the PDA OS section : The Limbo category. It's for ROMs that release Goolag-only for some devices, while releasing either Goolag/Vanilla / Vanilla-only builds for their other supported devices.

9/5/2020 Special - 5000 views

Welp, somehow I got 5000 views. Here's hoping to some:

And that's that. Once again, thanks for viewing, and stay safe!


Finally begun revising the PrivMod. Well, thanks to me being busy, I couldn't fully flesh them out for now, so they're still going to be a stub.


With the 1st blogpost of May 2020, I'm pleased as I flush out AOSiP in the PDA OS section. This is also done in celebration of them officially releasing Ten builds, and clarifying their stuff on GApps - which turned out to be Vanilla / GApps.


YEETed all download links for Pixel-based ROMs. Sorry, but I refuse to use, let alone recommend anyone use these kind of ROMs.


Found time to update several ROMs in PDA OS section, except for Derpfest. Here's the changelog:

I did not test Derpfest because of its super slow download rates & lack of mirrors.


Dropping updates on the PDA OS section, with changelog as follows:

Yeah, now this actually looks like a changelog.


Just dropping an update regarding Go-ogle / Apple contact tracing - for Android, the API for contact tracing should only be available via proprietary Play Services. (link)

Here's hoping microG not implementing this, though.


Beware of contact tracing - it's not helping the Corona situation, & will be a powerful populace monitoring tool. Here's why: Link

BTW, shout out to qpschool for following me on Neocities. I highly appreciate that.

Also, forgot to document some extra layout changes on this site, so yeah. There's that.


Initialized the reviews section. As usual, it's a stub. Again.


LineageOS has arrived for Q. With it, here's the changelog.

It's available for 6z & F1; as far as my supported device goes.


Happy April Fool's Day readers! To celebrate this foolish day, I made a serious manifesto, though it's a stub. I swear, this blog looks more like a fucking changelog than a regular blog. Can't be helped, I guess...

Oh yeah, also kickstarted a personal app list.


Welp, what I said at the previous blog log came true. In an effort to combat the Coronavirus, the elites are going to try & implement global tracking of phone users. (Link)

Welp, guess I'll be admitting that getting maximum privacy on PDAs will get hard.


Fear not the Coronavirus, but the actions the elites take that screw us, which then gets related to Coronavirus.

BTW, read up DigDeeper's Coronavirus report.


Updated PDA Recommendation section format. To clarify : PDA Recommendation is based on my point of view as a "reviewer", while the personal device list uses my point of view as an "user" (hence the personal bias).


Revised the ROM list. I'd be honest here, this blog looks more like a changelog - but then again, I'm too lazy to type them out, so.....


Did some screwing around with the Zenfone 6; and had to upgrade its firmware. Welp; at least I've got to type this stuff in & its howto. And some site updates; mainly the newly-made devices section.


Got the Zenfone 6 & just unlocked its bootloader. For more stuff regarding this PDA, stay tuned - though I'll probably be so busy that site updates will come really late.


Rushed a new section for Android - specifically, my own personal flashing setup. Also, new update for YouTube channel section.


Pardon my tardiness - Happy New Year all! Again, may 2020 not suck as much as 2019... hope the headphone jack don't go extinct this year tho...


Welp, life kept me off this - and got me late by 72 hours - Merry Grav-Mass. Or X-Mas. May 2020 not suck as much as 2019.


Added archive section.


Got some real-life issues, so updates to the site will be slow.


Added a new rant section - though it's still just as incomplete as this entire site. To clear this up : YouTube links = links.


Welp - just decided to add a blog section here. Also, update: every Twitter link is Nitter link - Twitter users should change the on the page box to

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