Updating Asus Zenfone 6 / 6z firmware

This guide is NOT for any other PDAs, so if you want to apply them at any other PDA other than the Zenfone 6, it might brick your PDA.


Warning: All data stored in PDA will be lost. Back them up & store them externally.

  1. Download the latest stock ROM & TWRP zip & put it inside the microSD
  2. Backup data & remove SIM card (if available)
  3. This is the most important step unless the data isn't that important.

    The SIM card has to be removed in order to allow you to breeze through any SetupWizard.

  4. Boot to TWRP
  5. If you have powered off your PDA on this step, press Volume up & power button until you boot in fastboot. There, you can either fastboot boot TWRP (if it's somehow not installed), or use the volume buttons to select "recovery", & press the power button to boot there (if TWRP's installed).

  6. Format data to remove encryption
  7. Since this PDA force-encrypts by default; it's important to do this step.

  8. Reboot to TWRP; again.
  9. At this step, note which slot you're on. By the end of step 8; you're going to be back on that slot.

  10. Wipe Dalvik (System & Data is optional)
  11. Vendor can be optionally wiped. However, on the likely event that the device freaks out & shuts off, you'll probably be stuck in fastboot.

  12. Flash stock ROM & TWRP zip
  13. This is to upgrade the vendor, and keep TWRP.

  14. Redo step 5-7.
  15. This is to ensure latest vendor on both slots. Reboot to recovery after this step, again.

At this point, we're basically done with setting up latest firmware for the 6z, and we're back at the starting slot. For custom ROM users, follow PDA flashing guide for A/B, starting from step 3.

However, if you want to use stock OS, or if you must boot into it at least once, follow the steps below.

  1. Flash Magisk
  2. Magisk is flashed to ensure that the stock OS boots with TWRP installed.

  3. Factory reset / Format data
  4. Reboot to system
  5. Now, all we're going to do is wait as it boots to stock.

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